All your burning questions, answered.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • So you can take full advantage of our award-winning cocktail bar, pick the perfect shade of polish, and soak up the relaxation in the air.

  • Our Nail Art Experience gives you the joy of hosting your own ten-fingered art exhibit every day. Our pros create beautiful designs or indulge your custom requests. (Be sure to book BASIC for small accents and shapes; all other design inspo should be booked under ADVANCED.) Browse our Instagram to get inspired while you sip a welcome cocktail.

  • If you plan to visit us with gel already on, you’ll need to book a gel removal service. It’s a speedy service, but will allow our experts to properly take off those gel nails of yours in the safest way possible. Please note: we do not remove bio gel, acrylics, or tips.

  • Give us a ring. We’ll always do our best to accommodate you if you’re running late (we get it, traffic happens) but arriving more than 10 minutes behind schedule means we might have to adjust your service or reschedule.

  • We love our furry friends, but due to health and safety regulations we cannot welcome them into our space (service dogs are an exception).


  • The Leisure Club is the Majesty’s Pleasure membership program.  We have designed multiple tiers of memberships for regular clientele to enjoy value pricing and frequent visits combined with a whole host of benefits.  Head to our website here to review the complete list of offerings, terms and conditions.

  • We have designed three tiers of memberships based on the type of service and frequency of visits.  The three tiers are:

    ·  Platinum: Unlimited manicures and pedicures, including gel (shellac) 

    ·  Gold: 2 services per month (manicure or pedicure), gel (shellac) included 

    ·  Silver: 2 polish services per month 

    Visit our membership page to view our pricing.

  • Memberships can be conveniently purchased online here:  You can also call us anytime to assist with the purchasing process!

    Memberships cannot be used or combined with any other offers or promotions.

  • Please note that our service prices will still be visible when you book a service online. As a member, you will NOT be charged these prices for services included in your membership. 

  • To review the complete list of inclusions and benefits, please visit our website here  Our memberships include a complimentary beverage on arrival (included in your membership pricing), 15% off other services in the venue, 15% off retail in venue and online, as well as 15% off services for a friend who books at the same time with you, as well and exclusive invites to VIP events.  See our website for more information.

  • At the moment, we do not offer a design membership, however you will be able to add on design for a fee.  Simply book your regular membership appointment and you will see an option to add on for an extra fee.

  • Memberships are paid with a credit card, on file with us, in our secure appointment and membership program called Zenoti.  Your credit card will be billed monthly, on the date that your membership was originally set up. For example, if you activated your membership on Sept 9, you will be billed on the 9th of the month, every month going forward.  In this example, your next payment would be on October 9.

  • We will make three attempts to charge your credit card.  After the third attempt, your membership will be canceled and the company will take other means to collect the fees due on your account.

  • Yes, you can freeze your membership once a year, for one month, with 30 days notice.  Please reach out to our team at [email protected].  You can only freeze your membership after the three month minimum commitment.

  • There is a minimum commitment of 3 months for all memberships.  After the three month minimum you can request a cancellation.  Memberships must be canceled 30 days before your next billing cycle.  You can cancel your membership by emailing the membership team at [email protected]

  • We are proud of our hard working estheticians, nail techs and nail artists.  The price of the membership paid to the company does not include service gratuity for the staff.  At the time of check out, after every service, your account will be billed an industry standard 17% gratuity on the menu price of the service you had.  100% of this gratuity is provided to the staff.

  • No, you do not receive points on your membership purchase as the price of loyalty is built into the membership price.

  • No.  Memberships are non-transferable.

  • No.  The membership program is not a package or credit system, rather a monthly membership where services have to be used in the month you are billed for them.

  • No.  Memberships are monthly and recurring.

  • You can change your membership tier by providing us 10 days-notice before your billing period.  Please contact us at [email protected]

  • Founder memberships were sold to the first round of buyers who were the first to sign up for our membership program.  The founder memberships offered favourable pricing prior to the larger release of our memberships.

  • We will release memberships in phases, in order to manage the process in the best way possible for the members and staff.  While no dates are set, we expect releases to be sold seasonally, through the four quarters of the year.  Sign up for our newsletter to always be the first to know.

  • Due to the rules and regulations of credit card authorization, we are unable to allow another individual to make charges on your credit card at this time.  We are working on solutions for this and hope to have further updates coming soon.

  • We do reserve the right to adjust membership prices as the price of business changes.  We will always provide members advance notice if the price of their membership, or any other terms and conditions, benefits or inclusions change.

  • We designed Leisure Club merch as a special offer for our Leisure Club Membership community.  Merch is created in limited production runs and exclusive to the round you participate in.  Not all members receive the same merch or any merch.  ALL merch pick-ups are announced after your purchase and arranged at your local venue approx 2-3 weeks after you sign up.  All memberships come with a membership card.  Leisure Club merch will be available for sale at a future date as a collection.  Sign up for our newsletter to find out when merch will go on sale and more.

Gel X Nail Extensions

  • GelX is a soft gel extension that is pre-shaped and pre-sized to fit your natural nail bed. 

  • They can last 3-6 weeks. 

  • We do not remove any outside extensions, or any type of hard gel but gel shellac polish is accepted (with removal booked), to ensure you are getting the full experience.

  •  GelX appointment takes 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours with a GelX removal OR add on service - french/chrome/accent nail.

  • We offer refills, only within a two week window of your original set date. Outside of that, it will need to be a full removal and a new set appointment. Only one refill is done then a removal and a new set is required to book. 

  • As your nail grows, the structure at which the extension is placed moves. To avoid lifting and to rebalance the structure, a refill happens at the 2-3 week mark depending on your nail growth.

  • It depends on the damage of your nail bed. We never want to create more damage or cover it up. We recommend having a full nail bed to work with. If the nail bed is too short, it will likely pop off prematurely. If your nail is too short, we recommend coming to get a gel polish manicure to help grow your nails to a healthy length. 


  • Majesty’s Pleasure is able to accommodate your content creation – just check in with our concierge team and give them some details of what you’d like to do (do not shoot other guests without their permission). We’re happy to support the creative process as long as you and our venue is the focus. Just tag @majestyspleasure when you share your shoot!


    If you’re shooting a product that we don’t have, please be in touch in advance for approvals and fees at [email protected], as we DO NOT ALLOW OUTSIDE ITEMS TO BE ADVERTISED IN OUR SPACE.

  • Our gift cards or custom gift boxes make the perfect gift for your favourite people… or yourself. 

    Please note, at this time our gift cards are only available for use in our VENUES.  This will be changing in 2023 when gift cards can be used across all platforms.  If you are looking to gift for online shopping, or have a  gift card and want to use it in our shop, please email us at [email protected]

  • We love sips and snacks; that’s why we have our food handling license and operate under the codes of the Department of Health. For this reason, we do not allow outside food or drink.  If you are running in late with your latte, please let our staff know and we will be happy to set it aside for you and serve you a fresh one from the bar.

  • Our venues are fully licensed under the appropriate authorities and we serve only by SMART SERVE certified staff members who are trained in the proper and safe methods of serving alcohol, which include the appropriate volume to serve as well as watching for signs of intoxication which can lead to a stoppage in service.

  • If our team feels that there might be a reason why service should be denied, for reasons included but not limited to inappropriate language, harassment, safety concerns, lack or respect or hygiene, we have the right to deny service and refund you.

  • We believe in equality, fairness and love no matter colour, creed, race or gender expression.  We ask that you join us in celebrating diversity and love, always, with our staff, guests and community.