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Remind Me Tomorrow Out of Stock $100

This box makes going to bed and staying in bed more worthwhile. The only thing it doesn’t do is breakfast in bed. But you’d probably sleep through that anyway.

A Night In Out of Stock $145

Take staying in to the next level with beauty and a bottle of Miraval Rosé. This box delivers the essentials for a pamper session for one. You will have all you need for a night to remember.

All Your Favourite Things, But At Home

Every box comes with the essentials you need to indulge, including an exclusive playlist and the option to add a bottle of something special (if you’re feeling cheeky). Delivered to your door. Hello.

The Ultimate (Self) Care Package

Give yourself the kind of pleasure you dream of, in real life. We’ve got just the thing for your at-home enjoyment. And it’s so good you’ll want to cancel that Zoom happy hour.

The Favourites $85

Of course our favourite beauty picks are beautiful, sensory and packed with benefits. This collection is designed to bring you relaxation, rejuvenation and pleasure. Perfect for a night in or a day to yourself.

Your Glass is Full $45

Well this certainly takes the pressure off finding the perfect gift. Enjoy sipping on La Vielle Ferme’s delicate rosé while nibbling on luxury sweets from your very own Sugrafina candy cube.

Indulge A La Carte $100

Feeling a bit indulgent? You’re in the right place. Go ahead, light a candle, sip on refined bubbles and give your face the attention it deserves.

Waste A Day $85

Gift yourself some rest, relaxation, and rosé. Your skin will love the luxurious oils that do all the hard work for you, while you can just sit back, put your feet up, and sip.  Now that’s what we call effortless self-care.

Stay Up Late Out of Stock $95

Got your plus-one? Good. Clear your schedule. You’ll want to make sure you’ve both got the whole evening free for this box. It’s a tactile delight from start to finish. And that playlist? It’s almost as smooth as the body oil.

Call For Champagne $120

Make anything an occasion to remember with this box. You can sip the champagne and your skin can drink up this luxurious face oil that brings a little extra glow to your day.

Idle Chatter Mandatory $85

Cancel you plans and put your phone on silent.  You are about to embark on an internal journey at home, sipping Miraval rosé wine and a little pamper session compliments of Kocostar’s hand and foot masks.  Feel free to share, or not.

Whisper me Away $85

From the Blonde Wooded scent in the amber oil, to the delicate pink hues in Whispering Angel’s fresh and fruity flavoured rose, you will become the essence of soft, sheer and elegant.

A True Naturalist $185

An entire thirty minutes of calming self-care with all natural products, well that just might be our definition of pleasure. And with this box of all natural facial products in your bathroom, we hope it’ll be yours too. There is no time limit for this level of self-care.

Believe Everything You See $145

With these facial products in a box, you’ll be looking like you get 12 hours of sleep every night, with our favourite radiance-boosting products from Vivier.

Endless Summer Out of Stock $75

Get prepared for the glow of summer with these skin care essentials. Primp, protect and project the beauty of summer in this all-in-one box that has us dreaming about better days and more rays!

The Finer Things Out of Stock $100

It’s great when you indulge in the finer things in life, and there’s no reason why that can’t include an all-natural manicure for a safe and thoughtful treatment.

Too Much of a Good Thing $80

Whatever is on your agenda, this signature manicure box set is here to help you get ready for it. A good manicure goes a long way in making every day feel a little extra special.

More is More $125

Whoever said that great manicures only happen in salons didn’t have this box. Prepare your hands for a seriously luxurious treatment that’s the height of self-care.

Want Becomes Need $115

With everything you need to indulge in an almost heavenly pedicure, all that’s missing in this signature pedicure is your phone on airplane mode.

Luxury is Customary $160

This box feels as good as it sounds. Get your feet ready for a summer sandal with a luxurious ultimate pedicure treatment that is almost as relaxing as a week-long getaway in the tropics. Tan lines not included.

Erase All Doubt $55

This box may just change your life. Maybe. Well, it’ll definitely change your feet (and that’s almost the same thing). Leave those uncomfortable shoes at the door and show your feet some love.

Take it All Off $25

For those times you can’t make it to your regular nail appointment, this box steps in to save the day. Whether they’re grown out, chipped, peeled or just wrong, this CND take-off kit is the essential rescue to get you back to basics, your own beautiful nails.

No Allen Key Required $75

This box gets right to the point with every tool you need to keep your nails in tip-top shape, the all-in-one kit for everyday upkeep or the occasional pamper session.

Better Than Yours Out of Stock $115

There are showers… and then there’s the perfect shower. Whether you like it in the morning or the evening, this is your chance to take all the time you need. No rush. Just a steamy hot shower and all the scrub you can handle.

The brush is Mightier Than the Sword $145

Hold all your calls, and cancel the evening’s plans. Tonight is reserved for washing and conditioning your hair.

No Bad Hair Days Out of Stock $135

Rescue your parched strands, and give them a dose of extra shine, with a box that gives you the answer to one of life’s most pressing questions: can a good hair day happen every day? Yes, yes it can.

Eat Play Love $98

Give your body the kind of pick-me-up its asking you for. After all, body care is self-care. De-stress from the inside out with wellness that tastes as good as you’ll look after you’ve incorporated this routine into your life.

Miraval Rosé $40

Grenache/Shiraz, Famous for it’s gorgeous orange-rose colour, Miraval Rosé is a summer favourite on terraces across Europe and everywhere else for that matter. Tasting notes of stone fruit and strawberries. (750ml).

Bottoms Are Up $65

Sip champagne today while you dream about your next visit to majesty’s pleasure, where you can have more champagne and all the pampering you desire.

Toast To $100

The gift that keeps on giving. Especially if you get to share this bottle of Miraval Rose with someone special, or perhaps, just keep it all to yourself. And don’t forget about the pampering session that awaits you at Majesty’s Pleasure.

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